About…The Rolex Reference Page

The Rolex Reference started back in 2004 as www.rolexreferencepage.com as an outlet for my passion and enthusiasm for the Rolex watch company and the wonderful watches they produce.  In 2010, Rolex requested I hand over the domain name rolexreferencepage.com (due to the word Rolex being in the domain name) and the site URL changed to www.luxurytyme.com.  Today, Luxury Tyme:  The Rolex Reference Page remains the single best resource for those seeking information about Rolex watches.

About…John B.Holbrook, II

I’m a life-long watch enthusiast, freelance writer & photographer, and web page designer/owner. My watch related articles have been published in nearly every major magazine which covers the luxury wrist watch industry in the US including:

  • International Watch (IW)
  • Chronos
  • InSync
  • Watch & Jewelry Review
  • HR: Watches

Outside of the watch industry, I’ve also had articles published in:

  • Digital Photo Pro
  • Pro Digital Imaging Magazine
  • Caviar Affair
  • Roundel (Official Magazine of the BMW Car Club of America)
  • Private Air

I’m the creator & owner of LUXRY TYME – THE ROLEX REFERENCE PAGE and WATCH TALK FORUMS . I also moderate the English speaking Rolex discussion forum on the German Rolex Forum R-L-X for my buddy Hannes!

I’m a card-carrying member of  Canon Professional Services, and shoot only with Canon equipment. I currently use the Canon 7D in the studio, and the 5D Mark II on travel assignments, with various Canon L series lenses.

I’m a devoted husband, father, and follower of Jesus Christ. I attend weekly services at Southbrook Christian Church. and lead a weekly Bible Study. Would you like to learn more about becoming a Christian?  Click HERE to read how! You can always email me if you’d like to know more about Christ!

When I’m not doing all of the above or traveling around the world in search of my next great story or watch, I enjoy home theater, cars, video games (Xbox! Wii!) and of course travel.

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  1. Doug Lee

    Really like the website, very informative. Asking for some advice, I inherited my dad’s 1950’s Oyster Precision that he got during the Korean War and want to get it fixed/restored. Any suggestions on where to get it fixed? Doesn’t seem like Rolex does these from what I can gather but I’d like to have it done right.

  2. Dave

    Love the website!!! I’ve consulted it many times for information.

    Are you still running the Omega website as well? Could you please post a link to it?

  3. Dave

    Hi John,

    I have owned a rolex sub date 16610 since 2003 and have just come across your website and released the dive extension on the bracelet for the first time. your right about the lack of instruction info from rolex. I tried to release the extension when I first bought the watch but found if difficult and gave up as I do not dive and did not want to damage the bracelet. thanks for the info regards Dave

    • John B. Holbrook, II

      You’re most welcome Dave – glad you found the article helpful! 🙂

  4. Joey Medrano

    Hello John
    First of all is a Honor to meet you, I love your review, they are my wikipidea/rolex bible Jajaja. The reason im writing is because
    I inhereted a rolex that I cant find any information on this watch,
    Is a 1675 Sea Dweller, the only precise information I know that it was
    Bought in 1972… Im planing on selling it because i really dont like this watch look old and is not my style I prefer my 2006 GMT pepsi
    but I found a couple on ebay but the prices where super high, and I know that people Tend to to put sky high prices. Can you help determine a price? I have pictures but I need an email so I can send them to you…. Thanks a lot John for your time I really apreciate
    Joey Medrano from P.R

    • John B. Holbrook, II

      Check out the for sale forums on some of the larger watch forums online – they’ll give you a good idea as to the current going rate.

  5. Don Picatti

    I have a Rolex GMT Master II watch which I usually wear through the work week. Friday afternoons, I leave it on the stand and wear a battery multi-function, waterproof sports watch. When I put on the Rolex Monday morning, the spring has become unwound, and the watch stopped. I’ve tried a couple of dual rotation watch winders, but they have not kept the watch wound. Do you know of a watch winder that would contain two watches that would keep this watch wound?

    Don P

  6. Frank

    Hi John, I’m a Dayton employee myself and by a picture, I can see we visit the same post office!

    I have a GMT II that is about 7 years old and needs a good makeover. It’s a Pepsi bezel (fairly faded). About how much was it to have yours serviced by Rolex NY?



    • John B. Holbrook, II

      Frank – if you’re local, then there no reason to send it to NY since the watch is out of warranty. Just use Stoll & Co. in Centerville.

  7. Danny C

    Hi John,
    Live in the Dayton Cinci area and enjoy your articles and forum. Wondered what you thought of the Submariner green face and bezel? It’s growing on me…

    • John B. Holbrook, II

      Hi Danny – I like it a lot. It’s growing on me as well. 🙂

      • Eric Chan


        I have been a long-time follower of your website and love the articles and reviews you have written on it. However, there have not been too many reviews or watch comparisons over the past couple of years.

        Would love to see some reviews of the newer watches from Rolex like the GMT Master II BLNR or a shootout comparing the Submariner Date to the Omega Diver 300M (the cermaic bezel models, of course).

        Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this email.

        • John B. Holbrook, II

          Eric – send me the watches and I’ll happily review ’em! 🙂

  8. Alexander

    Hi John!

    Thank you for very informative website.

    Yesterday i’ve bought GMT Master II, 16710, Z311XXX, pre-owned one in official Rolex dealer in Ireland. There is no engraving on basel, is it ok? I’m a bit confused, because this is my first Rolex.

    Thank you!

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