The following website links are resources which I think could be valuable to any Rolex enthusiast, or individual seeking information about Rolex and their watches:


ROLEX – The official website of the Rolex Watch Company.

Oysterworld -Great Rolex informational resource by my friend Hannes.  German and English

R-L-X – The German Rolex Forum.  I moderate the English speaking forum there.

Uhrwald – Another German Rolex information site by Percy of R-L-X.  German only, but lots of nice pictures. – website of my friend and former WTF Vintage Rolex Forum Moderator Ed Delgado.  GREAT informational resource about vintage Rolex sport watches.

Jocke’s Wallpapers – The “Swedish Meatball” of the Rolex world has some of the most fantastic photos of Rolex and other watches on his site.  He’s a true artist. – Great website by a Danish watch enthusiast.  Mostly Rolex content, but other brands represented too!

Minus4Plus6 – Great for resource for Rolex articles with some nice “how to” articles.

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