BOOK REVIEW: Total Rolex From Mondani Editore

BOOK REVIEW: Total Rolex From Mondani Editore

Jan 25

Book Review:
Authors:   Giorgia and Guido Mondani
By: John B. Holbrook, II
January 25th, 2013

Just over two years ago (has it really been that long?) Mondani Editore produced the book ROLEX GALLERY (you can read my review by clicking here).  Recently The father-daughter team of Giorgia and Guido Mondani have produced a follow up to that wildly successful book entitled TOTAL ROLEX:


The format for TOTAL ROLEX is largely unchanged from the previous edition – and that’s a good thing.  Most of the books produced by the prolific Mondani Editore are meant to be exhaustive reference guides which focus on specific Rolex related topics, and be a valuable tool to the Rolex watch buyer – particularly vintage Rolex buyers.  TOTAL ROLEX is more of a traditional coffee table picture book – a fun book to simply thumb through and take in the captivating photography.  I’ve spent many enjoyable evenings spending every dime of an imaginary winning lottery ticket on the watches contained in this book. TOTAL ROLEX does a nice job of combining vintage Rolex content with contemporary models (over 1200 photos of individual references produced from 1908 to 2012), and has been brought up to date with examples and information on some of the latest Rolex models:



TOTAL ROLEX is smaller in size than many of the other Mondani Editore produced Rolex volumes, which makes it easier to sit and read.  There are some basic text descriptions of the watches contained in TOTAL ROLEX (in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish):


Each section has an introductory page with some very basic information and history on the model category – only a paragraph or two.  It’s informative, but certainly not information overload which would alienate the casual Rolex owner or fan.  TOTAL ROLEX can be purchased for just € 350.00 plus shipping directly from Mondani Editore by clicking here.  It’s a very enjoyable book that even the casual Rolex fan will find fun!

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