A Tale Of Two Explorer II’s

A Tale Of Two Explorer II’s

Aug 28

It’s been a while since I’ve bought a Rolex (about three years actually), but I bought three in the last thirty days.  I bought the first two last month – a Y series coke bezel GMT Master II, and a P series white dial Explorer II.  Both were exceptionally good buys, and the Coke GMT II was almost immediately sold.  I bought the Explorer II with every intention of selling it as well…but seeing it reminded just how much I missed my old Explorer II – a Y serial 16570 which was the first brand new Rolex I ever purchased.  I kept the watch for about a year – I sold it not long after I bought my first Rolex Daytona.  The white dial Explorer II didn’t see much wrist time after I purchased the white dial Daytona, so I decided to sell it – a decision I later regretted.  So I had the P serial Explorer II serviced – it was clean as a whistle and running well, so I decided to keep it.  Here’s a wrist shot:

In 2008 I purchased one of the last of the five-digit GMT Master II watches that Rolex made – an M serial Pepsi bezel  16710.  The M serial was the last production year that the 16710 was produced and a small portion of the M serial productions were equipped with the Rolex 3186 movement (I own one such example).   That same year, Rolex started shipping M serial 16570 Explorer II’s featuring both the 3186 movement, and an engraved “RolexRolexRolex”  rehaut.  Now, unlike the 16710 GMT Master II which was discontinued after the M serial, the 16570 continued production into the “random serial number” productions (mid-2010 time frame) up until about Basel 2011 when Rolex introduced the model which replaced the 16570 – the Rolex 216570 Explorer II (which I reviewed earlier this year).  So while not as rare as the “16710-3186” GMT Master II models, there’s still far fewer 16570 Explorer II’s equipped with the 3186 movement and the engraved rehaut compared to overall production of the 16570 (which began production in 1989).  When I purchased my 16710-3186, I decided that I also wanted to get one of the last 16570 Explorer II’s equipped with the 3186 movement.  I like the movement, I think the engraved rehaut looks great, and I wanted a white dial 16570 Explorer II back in my collection.   Which brings us back to the P serial 16570 Explorer II I purchased last month.  I decided to keep it at least a month and see how much I wore it…see if I liked it enough to keep it long term, and see if it satisfied me, or only fueled my desire for a 3186 equipped Explorer II.  As it turns out, the latter was true and I tracked down an excellent M serial 16570 Explorer II:

I can’t say it looks much different from the P serial 16570 I already had – here’s a side by side shot of the two:

However, if you look closely you can see the engraved rehaut on the M serial on the right hand side of the photo.

Pardon these iPhone 4s photos – I promise I’ll be getting these beauties into the photo studio very soon, and will be doing an in depth review.  In the interim…anyone want to buy a super-clean P serial Explorer II?  🙂

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  1. Woraphat

    Thanks. I enjoyed reading this… And i’d like to buy the super clean P series EXII but too bad i’m in Asia… – -‘


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