Review of the Everest Rubber Strap

Review of the Everest Rubber Strap

Feb 04

Let’s face it – being a Rolex collector and enthusiast means that you’re going to have to live with a certain amount of monotony.  The Oyster bracelet in all it’s splendor is the default choice throughout much of the Rolex sport line, as well as the Datejust and other non-sport Rolex models.  Sure there’s some variation in materials and finish available, but one Oyster bracelet is pretty much the same as the next.  As good as it is, some people would like a little more variety – a little added spice and charm to an otherwise uniform Oyster existence.  Of course, it isn’t hard to find a leather, Nato, or even rubber strap to fit between the 20mm lugs found on most of the Rolex sport models.  The problem that the average “generic” strap made to go on any watch with 20mm lugs won’t look great on a Rolex.  Due to the curvature of the case, you’ll like see a gap where the strap meets the case.  And the clasp won’t be of Rolex quality either.  Enter Everest and their rubber strap custom made to integrate with the various models of Rolex sport Oyster bracelets.


As you can see, the Everest rubber strap is custom made not only for a Rolex, but this model is specifically made for the Submariner.  Everest also sells rubber straps made for the GMT Master II, the Explorer II, the Yacht-Master, as well as the latest ceramic sport models – each in a variety of fun colors.  Here’s a photo of the strap and spring bars I received from Everest for my Submariner:


I was extremely impressed with the quality of these straps – the fit and finish were excellent and I didn’t feel like I was “stepping down” in the level of quality I’ve come to expect from the Oyster bracelet.  The Everest website also has excellent instructions which makes installation of the strap a breeze – it only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish to install the strap.

One of the features I like best of the strap is the integration with the Rolex model for which it’s designed – in my case, the faux “end link”built on both sides of the strap fits seamlessly against the curved watch case.  The other ends actually mate with the half link adjustable links on either end of the Oyster clasp:


Integration with the Rolex clasp on the Submariner or Sea-Dweller  means you don’t loose the functionality of the dive suit extension while using the Everest strap – important since one of the best practical applications I can think of for using a rubber strap over the standard Rolex Oyster bracelet is diving.   If you’re taking part in any activity which could put your Rolex Oyster at risk of picking up unwanted scratches or “dings” a rubber strap makes a lot of sense.  Of course, practical considerations aside, many will want the Everest rubber strap purely based on aesthetic considerations.  It brings a refreshing and contemporary look to any Rolex on which it’s placed:

The $135.00 price tag of the Everest rubber strap may seem excessive when so many “comparable” eBay quality generic straps can be found in the marketplace, which are typically made of silicon and not high quality (and high cost) thermoplastic rubber which Everest uses.  When you consider the cost of the materials, and the design engineering costs of creating a strap to fit individual Rolex sport models exclusively, the $135.00 price tag is at least reasonable.  When you consider the cost of refinishing a Rolex bracelet which has picked up scratches and other wear which would be far more easily weathered by the Everest rubber strap, the strap practically pays for itself.  For more information on Everest rubber straps, please visit the Everest website by click here.



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