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You’ve seen his fabulous watch photos online and in print. Now you too can take photos just like freelance writer and photographer John B. Holbrook, II with his book MACRO WATCH PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS.

As the title suggests, the book is written to an audience who is interested in taking better watch photographs, but are not experienced or necessarily educated in the field of photography. Those who would be interested and benefit from this guide include:

  • Watch collectors who want to take photos of their watches for a variety of reasons including insurance purposes, selling and trading, or just to create nice photos for framing or sharing.
  • Online watch enthusiasts who want to share photos of their watches with other enthusiasts in watch discussion forums, or for selling and trading watches.
  • Online as well as “brick & mortar” watch dealers and vendors who need to take better watch photos for online and in print sales listings
  • eBay dealers of watches, jewelry, or other small, difficult to photography objects.

While there are many books and guides for the broader topic of “macro photography” there are no other books which deal specifically with the unique challenges of photographing watches. For over ten years, John Holbrook has been photographing watches. John is professional photographer (a member of Canon Professional Services) and his watch photography has appeared in numerous magazines and online resources. In this book, written in simple, easy to understand “layman’s terms,” John de-mystifies watch photography by taking the reader through a series of step-by-step, illustrated tutorials which explain how to:

  • Set up the perfect shot
  • How to make photos clear and sharp
  • Proper use of lighting indoors and outdoors
  • How to use a light box
  • Eliminate crystal glare
  • Correcting color
  • Eliminate unwanted reflections
  • Post-photo software editing
  • How to avoid and overcome common problems
  • How to upload your photos and share them with other watch enthusiasts
  • Much, much, more!


Q: Will I need to buy a more expensive camera to use this book? A: No. As long as you own at least a 3 megapixel camera with macro mode, you will be able to use it with this book to take better watch photographs. Nearly any camera on the market is capable of macro photography and will be perfectly usable with this book.

Q: Will I have to buy a lot of other equipment? A: This book does discuss the use of accessory items which assist in watch photography, such as lighting, and a light box. Most of the items discussed are “house hold items” which you likely already own or can assemble. Many light boxes are made from cardboard boxes or milk jugs. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to take good watch photos.

Q: Will I need to buy expensive, difficult to use software like Photoshop? A: No. You will need to use photo editing software for best results. However, if you don’t already own such software, John provides instruction in the use of a FREE image editor called GIMP. If you already own image editing software, the techniques which John discusses in his book translate to nearly any image editor, such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Paint Shop Pro.

Q: Can I purchase this book as a regular hard bound book? A: No. The topic is extremely narrow, so traditional publishing houses would not be interested in publishing this book, so I’ve self-published it as an eBook in .PDF file format which can be read on-screen or printed out on any computer printer. Self-publishing as an eBook also keeps the price low – a full-color traditional book like this with such a small target market would cost well over $100.00.


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